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Keith Elkins Karate

Welcome to Keith Elkins Karate where you’re not just a number, but a family member. Our martial arts and karate training environment receives high praise from parents and members due to the relationships they build within our academy. We cater to the individual goals of each student, whether that be to pursue a competitive career or to simply stay fit. It’s about how we can develop them to become champions in character, not just as competitive athletes. Keith Elkins Karate crafts virtuous martial artists and community members by instilling traditional values through modern methods.


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About Us

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Keith Elkins Karate

About Us:

At Keith Elkins Karate, our top priorities in training are being accountable and staying dedicated. We are attentive towards absences and rely heavily on communication efforts to reinforce a committed training environment. It goes beyond karate, though – our athletes are well-equipped for any environment or conditions due to their improved problem-solving skills and newfound confidence. Outside of building character, our martial arts and karate training also improve flexibility, mobility and endurance. Martial arts is a stepping stone to boundless personal growth in all areas.

Keith Elkins Karate stands apart from other academies due to our strong family-friendly culture. We offer a monthly leadership development course entitled the “Hyper Leadership Program” for both students and parents. This brings our academy full circle by teaching our members how to motivate and inspire those around them.

Our History:

Keith Elkins opened his namesake martial arts school in Forestville, Maryland driven by the desire to leave an impact on individual lives. His curiosity began with watching martial arts movies starring Bruce Lee while he was helping his family with their farm. When he lost his brother to overdose and his other brother fell in and out of the prison system, Keith took steps to learn martial arts and it changed the course of his life. He made the most of his situation and strived to find a community and advocate for himself. Along his journey, Keith became an author and is now a consultant for an elementary school system entitled The HERO Principle. The dreams Keith had of opening a gym to explore his passion on a deeper level finally came to fruition in 1987 after hard work and focus. To this day, regardless of his gym’s success, Keith’s proudest accomplishment is his family and being married to his wife for 42 years.

Why It's Important

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Our students are training constantly to build healthy habits, both physically and through character development.

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Martial arts training is a physical activity that builds strength, mobility, and endurance that is applicable for daily life.

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Keith Elkins Karate is dedicated to the improvement and development of students over everything else.

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Our dynamic classes inspire students of all ages to be passionate about karate and strive for strength.

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Our staff works tirelessly to encourage students to train consistently and stay accountable in order to achieve their goals.


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Keith Elkins Karate

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