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Awesome Kids Martial Arts Classes in Waldorf!

Our youngest martial arts class program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.


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Keith Elkins Karate Center

4-5 Yrs

Lil Heroes

Here are the 8 advanced skills taught in our Lil Heroes Program:

  1. Focus/Concentration - your child will learn how to focus all of their attention to the task at hand while committing themselves to learning and growing.
  2. Perseverance/Teamwork - your child will learn how to face challenges presented to them, knowing that the challenges will be difficult to complete. They will learn how to face challenges alone and with peers.
  3. Courage - your child will learn how to overcome fear and nervousness through training that initially seems intimidating.
  4. Discipline/Intensity - your child will learn how to perform their martial arts skills with strong effort and attitude.
  5. Coordination/Speed - your child will learn the components of speed and how to control their balance, body posture, and technique.
  6. Fitness/Agility - your child will learn the mechanics that govern movement and how it plays a role when they are jumping, dodging, and moving about quickly.
  7. Control/Technique - your child will learn the fundamental components of good technique, which will make them great athletes.
  8. Flexibility - your child will gain and maintain flexibility through fun and educational drills.

Complete education of these 8 skills will help your child be the best they possibly can be at their age of development.

They will advance to the top of their age group while they learn and have fun. You and your child will not regret the adventure you are about to undertake.

You can start your martial arts journey today!

"Master Elkins has been at it for ever. Full of knowledge and skill. Highly recommend!"