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Winners Always Quit!

Posted: April 06, 2016

Winners Always Quit

By Keith Elkins

Very often when you think of being a winner you have images of someone that has perseverance and persistence. The winner never gives up no matter what. The winner sticks it out all the way to the end overcoming any and all obstacles in their way taking no prisoners.

All of this is true. When I say Winners Always Quit I am referring to habits that are not beneficial to personal success everything from negative relationships, workplaces, and habits that are destructive and cause great stress in your life.

Because of social conditioning sometimes we have a tendency to hold onto things that have no chance of success rather than changing our approach or basically quitting. We equate quitting to being a loser. Much of this is due to either becoming too comfortable or a fear of change.

I am not talking about giving up as soon as something challenges you. I’m talking about paying attention to whether you are trying to force something to work and whether it is worth while.

The following are some examples of what I mean when I say that Winners Always Quit.


Winners Always Quit:

· Making excuses.

· Watching too much television.

· Gossiping

· Eating poorly

· Negative relationships

· Complaining

· Being late to meetings

· Procrastinating

· Negative attitudes

So remember that quitting can actually make you a winner if you think about it in a different way. What do you need to quit in order to get closer to being a more successful person?