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What Does Self Discipline Mean?

Posted: April 18, 2016

Discipline means "to Teach". Therefore self discipline is the skill of teaching and developing habits that are empowering. As Adults and Parents we are self disciple coaches and mentors to and for our children. Getting them involved in activities that reinforce this valuable life skill is essential to lifelong success. Our children hear and learn from us as parents but the fact that it is always us saying the same thing over and over means that our children very often take what we say for granted. How many times has your child responded to another adult in a positive way when it comes to habits that you discuss with them all the time? Martial arts training is a powerful tool in order to pass self-discipline on to our kids. Instructors say and teach what you do however they are not you. That alone supports what you teach your child.

Martial arts training teaches the focus, repetition, and follow through in order to have self-discipline. The instinct to let a child quit activities when they get bored is a formula for failure and that habit will carry over into other aspects such as; school, home, sports, etc. In life we all need to have the self-discipline to overcome challenges and obstacles. Just remember that Obstacles are not there to obstruct you but to instruct you.