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Taking Action

Posted: May 10, 2016


By Keith Elkins

In my lifetime I know that I have had to overcome the habit of over planning which led to procrastination and not moving forward on my ideas and goals. Don't get me wrong, planning is essential to being successful in any goals, whether they are personal or professional. There comes a time when you need to move forward and adjust as you go along. No plan for any goal is perfect. It's like whitewater kayaking. You know the path of the rapids, you know how to use the equipment, but you need to strap on the helmet get in the kayak, and start paddling.

Your goal is to pick the right current, and navigate around the hazards, but many times you smack into a boulder or you get turned upside down. That's when you learn the most and modify your plan from those experiences. Remember that setbacks are setups for a comeback.  The most important thing is to FOCUS on your goal and the plan you have developed, then FOLLOW THROUGH and take massive action, Be FLEXIBLE and learn and adapt as you go, and most of all do it FAST!

I don't mean fast as in speed, I just mean RIGHT NOW! So, what have you been meaning to do and planning on doing but you have not started doing? Get STARTED!

  • FOCUS= Knowing exactly what you want and where you want to go.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH= Taking steps everyday to move closer to the accomplishment of your goals.
  • FLEXIBILITY= Adapting to obstacles and challenges that you may face and overcoming them.
  • FAST= Don’t wait! Get started now.

Just remember that time marches on. It's the one resource you can't get back.