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Raising Fit Kids

Posted: January 11, 2017

Raising Fit Kids

This is a great article I am sharing from WebMD

If your child is overweight, chances are you want to help him get healthy. But sometimes that means ignoring popular diet advice. Often, what works for adults may not be best for kids.

“Children have their own set of nutritional needs for healthy growth and development,” says Tamara Melton, a dietitian an

How Your Child Can Have A No Bully Year!

Posted: August 08, 2016

These days you here so many back to school campaigns on being against bullying. I'm for the idea of not tolerating bullying but the concept that it will go away is ridiculous. What we need to do is teach our kids to be more confident and get them involved in programs that will reinforce that. Bullies don't pick on people that look and act like they believe in themselves. Martial arts training is perfect for this because it teaches students how to carry their bodies, use their voice tonality, an

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