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How Your Child Can Have A No Bully Year!

Posted: August 08, 2016

These days you here so many back to school campaigns on being against bullying. I'm for the idea of not tolerating bullying but the concept that it will go away is ridiculous. What we need to do is teach our kids to be more confident and get them involved in programs that will reinforce that. Bullies don't pick on people that look and act like they believe in themselves. Martial arts training is perfect for this because it teaches students how to carry their bodies, use their voice tonality, and overall be confident in their ability to handle difficult people and situations. After all as they become adults they will still experience these issues and need to be empowered with the skills that will help them to be successful.

So here are a few steps to empower your child:

1) Make sure they feel as if they can talk to you about possible situations without being judged.

2) Explain to them that there is a difference between TATTLING and TELLING. It is alright to tell an adult or authority about a bullying situation.

3) Get them involved in programs that instill self confidence, and self esteem.

4) Teach them how to handle teasing situations by role playing. If they don't have any idea of how to handle a situation they will be lost.

I conclusion, bullying behavior from others will have to be dealt with for a lifetime. Just like teaching your child to swim...teaching them to deal with bullying in a confident matter will last a lifetime.